Some SEM Images

Secondary Electron Images (SE)

Travertine (carbonate) sample from Yellowstone park showing sulfer elemental analyses represented using proportional symbols on two overlapping stage registered SE images. The fields of view reflect the location of several bands of extremophile bacteria.

Pumice sample from Mt St. Helens showing extreme porosity. Seconday image at 10 keV, ~100x

High resolution SE image of Er doped silica spheres. Spheres are approximately 0.5 um in diameter.

Pumice, Mt St. Helens Ash

Pumice from Vulcano, Italy, 250X

Vulcano, Italy, pumice, DEM reconstruction from stereo images

Backscatter Electron Images (BSE)

NiSb3 thin film on Si substrate, annealed and recrystallized

WSe2 thin film, annealed and recrystalled on Si substrate, BSE, 15 keV

X-ray Images



CL Images

CL (red band pass filter) image of quartz grain showing high spatial resolution

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John Donovan: April 4, 2006