Probe for EPMA- Enterprise Edition

Probe for EPMA Installation and Update

If you are using a Probe for EPMA version 8.12 or later, simply use the Help | Update Probe for EPMA menu to automatically update your software to obtain the latest version.

The current version of Probe for EPMA is 10.5.4 and the current version of Probe Image is, both which support JEOL 8900/8800/8200/8100/8500/8230/8530 and Cameca SX100/SXFive TCP/IP based instruments.

If you would like to update your Probe for EPMA software from version 9.x to 10.x, you will need to manually download both the CalcZAF.msi and the ProbeForEPMA.msi installation files below and run both installers on your computer.

To download the installation files for Probe for EPMA please click here and here- you will need to install both CalcZAF.msi and ProbeForEPMA.msi for a complete installation.

Probe Image Installation and Update

For installing or updating Probe Image please click here. This is a ZIP file containing the ProbeImage.msi installer. You will need a password to unzip the installer, contact John Donovan or Julie Chouinard for that.

Note that if this is the first time you are installing Probe Image, you will also need to install the Matrix component, which is here.