Some Images and Maps from EPMA

X-ray Maps

High strength cement mortar. Sodium x-ray quantitative compositional map (background, interference corrected). Polygon delimited grid stage scan. 15 keV

CePO4 single crystal (Oak Ridge, flux grown), Pb elemental quantitative composition, polygon delimited area grid.

High strength concrete, Na elemental quantitative compositional map, mosaic combined stage and beam scan, 15 keV

Backscatter Electron Images (BSE)

1 cm x 1 cm mosaic image of Acapulco meteorite, BSE, 15 keV (4096 x 4096 pixels)

Monazite U-Pb-Th standard grain mount, automatic mosaic acquisition, BSE, 11mm x 11mm area

Monazite grain, false color with analysis position automatically registered to image, BSE, 15 keV

ZnO-SnO2 sintered powder sputter target, topographical/compositional backscatter image, 15 keV

Other Images (CL)

Ti concentrations in quartz veins overlaid on a coordinate registered CL image. Note the dark CL bands correspond to Ti concentrations in the 20 to 60 PPM levels.

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John Donovan: August 19, 2013