CalcZAF- Enterprise Edition (free to all)

Program CALCZAF.EXE is a small applet for "stand-alone" calculation of ZAF and Phi-Rho-Z matrix correction parameters. CalcZAF can accept composition to calculate intensities (k-ratios) or calculate composition from intensities using normalized k-ratios, raw k-ratios or unknown and standard counts. K-ratios or counts measured on compound standards may be utilized, and the software will load standard compositions from the Standard composition database.

CalcZAF can also calculate large amounts of binary composition data and create data suitable for plotting error histograms. In addition CalcZAF can apply geometric corrections to intensities for particles (cubes, prisms, spheres and fibers) and thin films (only for those films or foils less then 1 microgram/centimeter^2 or assuming density = 1 approximately 0.01 um or 100 nm or 1000 angstroms) based on various adjustable parameters. Note that the accuracy of the particle method depends on bracketing a single particle in the scanned or defocused beam (overscanning) and applying judgement as to the particle shape and the distance along the beam axis. Note that the scan or defocus size must be equal to the particle dimension.

The full Penepma 2012 Monte-Carlo package is included with the CalcZAF.msi installer, for secondary boundary fluorescence profile calculations using the PENEPMA Penepma, Penfluor and Fanal applications.

Finally CalcZAF has very powerful tools for calculating detection limits (concentration at given integration time or integration time given concentration) and also for calculating x-ray and electron distances in elements and compounds.

CalcZAF Installation

CalcZAF Update

For CalcZAF updates, simply use the Help | Update CalcZAF menu in CalcZAF.

PENEPMA- Penelope Monte-carlo Calculation Files (ZIP)

The full Penepma 2012 package is included with the CalcZAF.msi installer above, but you can manually update your Penepma 2012 files by downloading the Penepma12.Zip file below.

Download and extract these files to the Penepma12 folder in the CalcZAF user data folder (usually C:\UserData\Penepma12) and overwrite all files when prompted. Additional pre-calculated compounds are available below (don't waste time re-running these 10 hour Monte-Carlo calculations yourself, if we already have!). Simply download the file and extract the PAR files to the C:\UserData\Penepma12\Penfluor\Compound folder to utilize these newly calculated compounds. A list of the currently available compounds is here.

Penepma 2012 calculated k-ratios for 11 binary compositions for fitting to Bence-Albee polynomial alpha factors have been performed on a large number of binaries. Note that these intensity k-ratios derived from Penepma Monte-Carlo calculations, can be utilized in CalcZAF and Probe for EPMA for the matrix correction. This high speed Monte-Carlo matrix correction may be more accurate for low over-voltage situations or large fluorescence matrix corrections, particularly in the case of large continuum fluorescence corrections. To see a list of the currently calculated binary alpha systems see here.

CASINO- Graphical Monte-Carlo Calculation Files (ZIP)

Download and extract these files to run Casino. An easy to use graphical freeware Monte-Carlo calculation program for EPMA. Great for modeling your interaction volume with specific compositions, beam energies and sample geometries. To model the emission volumes be sure to calculate the emission lines also!

Surfer/Grapher VBA Scripts

Download these scripts if you have Surfer or Grapher application from Golden Software. These scripts are designed to faciltate presentation quality output of EPMA data. Note that all scripts should be run using the Surfer Scripter.exe application except for the XYTRAV.BAS script which runs with Grapher Scripter.exe application.