Center for Advanced Materials Characterization in Oregon


Advanced Techniques in EPMA Seminar

Focus on both instrumental methods and software algorithms for solving real world analytical problems for science and industry in EPMA in a variety of samples, conditions and geometries. Hands on workshop and lab to explore new ideas for extending EPMA for all users.

With Invited Speakers:

Paul Carpenter (Washington University)

"Advanced Quantitative Analysis"

John Fournelle (University of Wisconsin)

"Why is it sometimes so hard to get good EPMA analyses (good totals AND stoichiometry) for {some} garnets?"

Michael Jercinovic and Julien Allaz (University of Massachusetts)

"MultiPoint Backgrounds for Improved Trace Element Accuracy: Application to U, Th and Pb measurement in monazite"

Dale Newbury and Nicholas Ritchie (NIST)

"Quantitative SDD-EDS Microanalysis at WDS Precision: What Are the Possibilities?"

August 7th (Saturday), 2010

University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon



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